terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2016

Kernel Ultra CM12.1/AOSP para Moto E - Condor

-Bootloader Desbloqueado
-Recovery Customizado (TWRP Recomendado)
Este kernel é para Moto E 2014 somente (CONDOR). Não instale em outros dispositivos. Este kernel só funciona em ROMs CM12.1/AOSP, não funciona em ROMs Stock.

Compiled with SaberMod 4.9 GCC
- CRC check disabled
- Swappiness reducided of 60 to 40
- SLUB optimized
- Enabled aggressive multi-core power savings
- Enabled pipe flag
- Ext4: more speed
- Reclaim RAM from loggers
- Added 2 gonernators: Smartmax and Wheatley
- Added governators Alucard and Lionheart
- Update adreno.c
- Added some tweaks great
- Added graphite flags
- Added optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
- Added ondemandplus governor
- Added DT2W (DoubleTap2Wake)
- Optimized sfck compression
- Network speed tweak added
- Disabled gentle fair sleepers
- Lowered latency of vm for reduced lags
- Noatime and Noridatime by default in namespace
- WiFi driver updated
- Added simple GPU algorithm
- Added support fsync dinamic
- Added intelliplug
- Tweaks for best perfomance in cfp iosched
- Frandom support
- Kernel Version Linux update to 3.4.108 with the last patchs
- Powersuspend added
- MPdesicion disabled
- Added intelliactive governor
- Added intellidemand governor

Added news Shedulers:
- VR

- Sound Control 3 support (thanks faux123)
- Enable headset in high performance in the auriculars (best sound!)
- Build only with adreno a3xx, a2xx suprimed
- Deadline sheduler tweaked for best perfomance
- Support for ROMs based in AOSP
- Added KCAL support
- Added support exFat
- Compilation builded with neon mode and VFP
- VM min/max increment
- Optimize square root algorithm
- Optimized AES & SHA1 routines
- Use XZ and LZ4 compression
- Stereo call recording support
- Support asycn in fsync
- Optimize cpufreq
- Remove DT2W (only R8)
- Support async added
- Support exfat added
- Lib/memcopy: use glibc version (most perfomance)
- Lib/string: use glibc version (perfomance for mem copy)
- Optimize memory allocation in check_partition()
- Clean up some dead code
- Initial port of Fast Charge USB
- Set default mtu to 64K in TCP
- Allow 0ms deadline latency, increase the read speed in deadline
- Revert commit of VM for problems with lag

  1. Baixe o Kernel e coloque na memória interna ou sd card;
  2. Renicie seu aparelho em modo recovery e faça: Não há necessidade de fazer "Wipe Cache & Dalvik", mas se preferir fica a seu critério;
  3. Clique em "Install" procure o arquivo zip do Kernel e selecione-o;
  4. Confirme o flash e após a instalação ser finalizada faça: "Wipe Cache & Dalvik" novamente e reinicie o aparelho.

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