terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2016

Kernel Belive CM12.x/AOSP para Moto E - Otus

-Bootloader Desbloqueado
-Recovery Customizado (TWRP Recomendado)
Este kernel é para Moto E 2014 somente (OTUS). Não instale em outros dispositivos. Este kernel só funciona em ROMs CM12.xq/AOSP, não funciona em ROMs Stock.
- Builded with SaberMod GCC 4.7.
- SELinux it's in PERMISSIVE.
- CRC check it's disabled.
- Kernel version it's 3.4.109(With the last Linux patches).
- Reclaimed RAM from Loggers.
- Pipe flag it's ENABLED.
- Lower Swappiness.
- Apply_Slack it's OPTIMIZED.
- Added optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm.
- Clock vote it's updated for improved performance.
- Lionheart governor.
- Smartmax governor.
- Wheatley governor - Removed in RELEASE 08.
- Xperience governor.
- Intelliactive governor - Removed in RELEASE 08.
- Conservative governor it's enabled.
- User_policy min/max is exported.
- Ext4 optimized.
- FEAT_PERCPU clockevent flag it's added.
- Battery check interval is increased from 5 to 15 seconds.
- Ratelimit is useles in irq.
- Increased bdi_min_ratio to 5.
- Add_random it's disabled.
- Optimized Sfck Compression.
- Optimized AES & SHA1 routines.
- Powersuspend it's added.
- Support for more ramdisks.
- Reclaimed virtual memory from each subsystem.
- Improve tweaks for responsiveness on CFS.
- Optimize for size it's ENABLED.
- Kernel compressed with XZ.
- Added a Simple GPU Algorithm.
- Introduce tweaks for network.
- Cleaned up some dead code.
- Added API to allow limiting of min and max cpu frequencies.
- Lowered latency in VM to reduce lags.
- Optimized square root algorithm.
- Added a field to store names for private anonymous memory.
- Optimized memory allocation in check_partition().
- Disabled GFSleepers for ui performance.
- Deadline I/O tweaked for better performance on android.
- Allow zero ms latency in deadline.
- SIO I/O Scheduler - Removed in RELEASE 08.
- Disabled kernel-side mpdecision.
- Added fsync on/off support.
- Enabled fsync by default.
- Added missing return if fsync is disabled from userspace.
- Merged tweak tunables.
- Improved performance for FIOPS I/O.
- Improved tweaks for interactive governor.
- More faster Wakelock.
- Increased readahead to 1024kb.
- Improved tweaks from menuconfig.
- Intelliplug 3.7.
- Improved frandom support.
- Don't call writeback_set_ratelimit().
- Fix writeback cache thrashing.
- Speedup /proc/net/unix.
- Fix occasional slow sync(1).
- Fix race that cause writeback hung.
- Removed compressed copy from zram in-memory.
- Added performance boost option for Intelliplug.
- Added perf_boost sysfs entry and clean up permissions for Intelliplug.
- Introduced FastCharge..
- Enable ARCH_POWER.
- Added support for read_iter and write_iter for Ext4.
- Optimize defaults for KSM.
- Fixed dirty_balance_reserve.
- Sync on thread migration optimizations.
- Added hotplug enable toggle.
- Send events one packet at a time.
- Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased.
- Optimize build_sched_domains().
- Lags are reduced absoluty!

  1. Baixe o Kernel e coloque na memória interna ou sd card;
  2. Renicie seu aparelho em modo recovery e faça: Não há necessidade de fazer "Wipe Cache & Dalvik", mas se preferir fica a seu critério;
  3. Clique em "Install" procure o arquivo zip do Kernel e selecione-o;
  4. Confirme o flash e após a instalação ser finalizada faça: "Wipe Cache & Dalvik" novamente e reinicie o aparelho.

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