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Spirit Kernel - CM12.x/AOSP para Moto G - Peregrine

-Bootloader Desbloqueado
-Recovery Customizado (TWRP Recomendado)
Este kernel é para Moto G 2013 4G somente (PEREGRINE). Não instale em outros dispositivos. Este kernel é para ROM AOSP, Cm12.1 ou baseadas, não funciona em ROMS stock.


-Basado en las ultimas roms Cyanogenmod
-Patched 3.4.107 kernel
 - ondemand/userspace/powersave/performance/interactive/IntelliMM/inteliidemand/intelliactive/smartmax/pegasusQ
- MPDecision/MSM Hotplug/Intelliplug(default)
- Intellithermal v2
- DT2W/S2W/S2S Wake controls
- CPU Underclocking 192Mhz
- GPU OC 533Mhz | UC 100Mhz
- Add MSM Hotplug Driver
- Asynchronous Fsync extracted from HTC
- Sweep2Sleep driver
- Dynamic management of timer slack
- Slimbus OC thanks to neeobuddy89 and poondog
- increase Torch power 20mA
- Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
- Faux Sound Control 3.2
- KCAL v2 by @SAVoca
- USB forced fast charge
- Stereo call recording support by skvalex
- Powersuspend from Faux and yank555-lu *updated to 1.8 after r8*
- Kernel Compression: XZ
- psx2usb controller
Use seu Android como USB keyboard/mouse usando este app
- optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm.
- Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging {UKSM}
- FRandom
- Dynamic FSync Control
- Added Simple GPU Algorithm
- WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT for bettery battery life. Hello Battery!!
- ANY Kernel
- Kexec hardboot patch for Multirom support
- Optimizaciones
- Compiled Using UBER 5.0 GCC
- Added optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm.
- Disable add_random
- Pocketmode and deepsleep for dt2w/s2w
- Optimized VFP Module
- FIx integer-overflow in veno,vegas
- Add sysinterface for GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS
- NOATIME and NODIRATIME as default
- New 99LMK script by @Pizza_Dox
- Nvidia Patches to enhance power efficiency.
- Sched optimizations
- Increase battery level check interval
- writeback: increase bdi_min_ratio to 5
- block: cfq: merge tweaked tunables.
- Wait just 1 second for other CPU to halt
- net: combat buffer bloat
- PM: Introduce suspend state PM_SUSPEND_FREEZE
- Disable -fconserve-stack on ARM v2
- Enable power efficient workqueues by default
- do not use msm_run_queue_stats
- enable/disable cpu-boost via sysfs
- softirq: reduce latencies
- Built with Ofast flags
- Force SELinux permissive
- LowMemoryKiller management of non killable processes
- Headset High Performance Mode
- Allow CPU-supported unaligned accesses
- enable ARCH_POWER
- lower swappiness
- vfp: remove double entries
- Disable disable crc check for 30% extra performance in IO
- Optimized SLUB memory allocator
- Optimize Sfck Compression
- set sched_mc_power_savings to 2 (moar powarrrrrrr! saving)
- readahead to 256
- Built with Graphite flags
- Enabled Pipe Flag

Aplicativos recomendados para configurar o Kernel:
  • Kernel Adiutor
  • Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro
  • Trickster Mod
  • Synapse
  1. Baixe o Kernel e coloque na memória interna ou sd card;
  2. Renicie seu aparelho em modo recovery e faça: "Wipe Cache & Dalvik"
  3. Clique em "Install" procure o arquivo zip do Kernel e selecione-o;
  4. Confirme o flash e após a instalação ser finalizada faça: "Wipe Cache & Dalvik" novamente e reinicie o aparelho.
Spirit Kernel: Servidor Original

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