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Kaminari Kernel - Stock 5.1 [GPE] para Moto G - Falcon

-Bootloader Desbloqueado
-Recovery Customizado (TWRP Recomendado)


- Based on Motorola's latest shared source for the Moto G (falcon) and the Moto G 4G (peregrine)
- Compiled with a custom Cortex-A7-optimized Linaro 5.2 toolchain
- Compiled with various build optimizations (strict-aliasing, -O3 and Graphite flags, plus some A7 tweaks)
- ARMv7 tweaks
- Ye Olde MPDecision (Msm Hotplug is also present)
- GPU overclock & underclock (533MHz/100MHz)
- Added support for NEON mode
- Enabled Pipe flag
- State Notifier driver
- Adreno Idler
- Faux's Sound Control
- Kcal Screen Control
- Dt2w/s2w
- USB Fast Charge
- Headset High Performance Mode
- Optimized ARM RWSEM and square root algorithms
- Disabled gentle fair sleepers
- Mutex tweaks
- Additional TCP congestion controllers (westwood, highspeed, illinois, bic, etc.)
- Additional I/O schedulers (zen, cfq, sio, fiops, bfq, vr, tripndroid, etc.)
- Use seu Android como USB keyboard/mouse usando este app
- Fsync enabled by default
- Kexec-hardboot patch (for multirom compatibility)
- Power-efficient workqueues
- Additional CPU governors:
--- Impulse
--- Smartmax
--- Yankactive
--- Yankdemand

  1. Baixe o Kernel e coloque na memória interna ou sd card;
  2. Renicie seu aparelho em modo recovery e faça: "Wipe Cache & Dalvik"
  3. Clique em "Install" procure o arquivo zip do Kernel e selecione-o;
  4. Confirme o flash e após a instalação ser finalizada faça: "Wipe Cache & Dalvik" novamente e reinicie o aparelho.
Kaminari Kernel: Servidor Original

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